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More Skating Fun Scheduled in 2017

We hope you are enjoying your summer thus far and are gearing up for more skating fun!

Did you get to meet US Speedskating Olympian Joey Mantia at Skate of the Union® in support of Olympic Day 2017 and TeamUSA and to benefit the kids of DC Inner City Excellence (DC-ICE)? Joey won the hearts of all participants and spend the entire weekend on skates with us.  Stay tuned for our announcement on the dates for Skate of the Union® 2018 and plan to train for the ½ Marathon with Skater’s Quest.

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Of course, you do not have to wait until next spring to work on your skating skills.  Come on out and join us on skates this summer and fall in our lessons for all ages and ability levels.  Our highly trained certified instructors are excited to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through inline skating.  We have all the equipment that you need (inline skates, helmets & protective equipment) for you to borrow at all lessons for free!    So, if you’ve never taken an inline skating lesson before, what’s stopping you?

Read on to learn more about:

I look forward to seeing you on and off skates soon,
Krista & the Skater’s Quest Team

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During the Skater’s Quest FREE Learn to Inline Skate Clinics, you will learn the basics of inline skating including the proper use of your protective gear, how to get moving and how to use that heel brake to stop.  Supervised practice time is built in. This program is perfect for those who have never tried inline skating or for those that would like to get back to the basics.  Take a test drive in Rollerblade brand skates and protective gear!


Improve your skills with a professional instructor and a friendly group of people just like you.  In our Group Lessons you will develop knowledge, confidence, and skills, so you can enjoy the endless freedom that skating has to offer. These lessons follow our progression of skills.  Group Lessons are limited to 10 students so registration is required.

Inline Skates and Protective Equipment (helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads & knee pads) are available to use during our Group Lessons for free.  If you will need to borrow skates, please let us know your shoe size in advance.

Register for one lesson at a time or sign up for multiple Group Lessons at once and receive a discount!  Options are:

  • Single (1) Group Lesson: $25
  • Two (2) Group Lessons: $45
  • Three (3) Group Lessons: $65
  • Four (4) Group Lessons: $85
  • Five (5) Group Lessons: $100
    Please note that we must know your available dates in advance.
    Scroll down to learn about our 20th Anniversary Special.  

Adult Group Lessons
All Adult Group Lessons are on Saturdays 10:00-11:00 AM at Jones Point Park in Alexandria, VA unless otherwise noted.   The following is our complete list of Group Lessons and dates (listed alphabetically):

  • Beginner 1 (B1): Stride I, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
    • July 22
    • September 16
  • Beginner 2 (B2): Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn
    • July 29
    • September 23
  • Balance (BAL): Balance Drills on and off skates
    • September 30
  • Trail 1 (T1): Stride II, T-Stop
    • October 7
  • Edgework/Slalom
    • August 12
    • September 16
  • Forward Crossovers (AF2): Work on your edges and power in a turn and learn how to execute forward crossovers in both directions
    • August 26
  • Stretching for Skating*: Stretching is so important to your physical and mental well-being.
    • September 23
  • Skate Maintenance*: Learn how to maintain your inline skates and protective gear properly for longevity!  Bring your skates and skate tools (allen wrench).
    • September 30
  • Stopping Skills Review: Perfect your stopping skills by joining us to review multiple was to stop.
    • August 26
  • Pacelines*: Learn how to skate with others in a paceline and save up 30% of your energy to go the distance.
    • October 7 at 9:00 AM
  • Advanced Backwards 1 (AB1): Backward skating and stopping
    • October 21
  • Advanced Backwards 2 (AB2): Learn how to transition from backward to forward skating & vice versa.
    • October 28
  • Skating Drills*: Practice specific skating drills to help you skate more efficiently and work towards the Forward Push.
    • Sunday, October 22 – Focus: Gliding & Falling Phases
    • Saturday, October 28 – Focus: Set-Down & Push
    • Saturday, November 4 – Focus: Recovery & Putting It All Together
  • Plyometric/Strength Training*: Plyometrics are ideal for anyone looking to improve muscular power, speed and strength in addition to facilitating weight loss.

* These Group Lessons are included in the Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program!  Scroll down to learn more!

We recommend the following Group Lesson Session grouping options to maximize your fun (and save you some money, too).  To receive the discount, you must register for the sessions in advance:

July Beginner Duo Session [$45.00]
– July 22: Beginner 1 (B1): Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
– July 29: Beginner 2 (B2): Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn

September Beginner Session [$85.00]
– September 16: Beginner 1 (B1): Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
– September 21: Beginner 2 (B2): Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn
– September 30: Balance (BAL): Balance drills on and off skates
– October 7: Trail 1 (T1): Stride II, T-Stop

Edgework Duo Session [$45.00]
– August 12: Edgework/Slalom
– September 16: Edgework/Slalom

Edgework Triple Session [$65.00]
– August 12: Edgework/Slalom
– August 26: Crossovers
– September 16: Edgework/Slalom

Off-Skates Triple Session [$65.00]
– September 17: Plyometric/Strength Training [Note: Date changed after initial posting]
– September 23: Stretching for Skating
– September 30: Skate Maintenance

Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Prep Session [$85.00]
– October 7: Pacelines
– October 22: Skating Drills (Gliding & Falling Phases)
– October 28: Skating Drills (Set-Down & Push)
– November 4: Skating Drills (Recovery & Putting It All Together)

Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Drills Triple Session [$65.00]
– October 22: Skating Drills (Gliding & Falling Phases)
– October 28: Skating Drills (Set-Down & Push)
– November 4: Skating Drills (Recovery & Putting It All Together)

Advanced Backwards Duo Session [$45.00]
– October 21: Advanced Backwards 1 (AB1): Backwards Skating & Stopping
– October 28: Advanced Backwards 2 (AB2): Transitions

Please let us know if we can help you put together your personal lesson plan as you are welcome to mix and match depending on your goals and interests!

Kids Only! Group Lessons
These Group Lessons are only for Kids aged 5-10. No adults allowed! Inline skating skills are reinforced with fun games.

Skill goals in the Kids Only! Group Lesson Session include: Using Protective Gear, Standing Up, March Forward, Dip, Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn, Forward Swizzles, 1-Foot Glide, 1/2 Swizzles

The Kids Only! Group Lesson dates at Jones Point on Saturdays 10:00-11:00 AM are:

  • August 26
  • September 30
  • October 28

As a reminder, if you pre-register for multiple lessons at once, you receive a discount:

  • Single (1) Group Lesson: $25
  • Two (2) Group Lessons: $45
  • Three (3) Group Lessons: $65

To learn more and to register for inline skating Group Lessons with Skater’s Quest, please visit our website at


As always, if you would prefer the convenience and comfort of a private lesson, we can certainly help you!  One-on-one lessons are super beneficial as your instructor is solely focused on you and your skills.  The pace of the class moves at your speed and the lesson is custom designed for your abilities and goals.  Private Lessons can also be scheduled a time and location that is more convenient for you and your calendar.

Private Lessons are scheduled for 1-hour and are $60.00 for one person.  If you’d like a Private Lesson for your family, friends or co-workers, just at $30.00 for each additional person.

Contact us to schedule your private lesson!


We are excited to present the 2nd Annual Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon. This is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, enjoy a great skating venue, have fun and raise money for DC Inner City Excellence (DC ICE)!

Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Indian Head Rail Trail (White Plains End)
Distance: 26 miles
Awards: Top 3 in each Division for Men and Women

– $70 On-site registration
– $50.00 Pre-registration before November 17th:
Please note that when you finish entering your information on the left side, please click on the “Update Item Information” button before entering any payment information.

To keep costs down, this is not a chipped time event.

Learn more on our Facebook Event Page:


Are you in need of some motivation to push yourself?  The Skater’s Quest FIT Program is just for you.  The mileage goal is to complete the 26-mile, Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon on Saturday, November 18th (but participating in the event is not required).   We will provide you the tools to train on your own, however, will provide multiple training sessions so that you can train with your team.  The cost is only $100.00 for the basic 8-week session and our kick-off is on Sunday, September 17th.  Improve your skills and train to skate 26-miles.  This program is definitely the most bang for your well-earned buck!

** NEW FOR 2017 **
Supersize your training with Nutrition Services, Injury Prevention Assessments and Personal Training at Arlington’s Coaching-Training & Injury Center (ArCTIC)!  Add only what you need or save money and sign up for the entire package and save.  Learn about all options on our webpage:


We are still celebrating our 20th Anniversary!  After your first program of $60 or more, all students will receive a $20 discount on their next program this season. For example, register to take a Beginner Group Lesson Session and receive a $20 discount when you register for your next program.   Take a private lesson, and get a $20 discount on your second private lesson.  Let us know if we can help put together the perfect training plan for your ability level and goals (and to save money too).  Let’s celebrate together on skates!

We also have Skater’s Quest 20th Anniversary T-shirts available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.  You’ll see your instructors wearing them.  You can own your own for only $20.    Let us know what is your shirt size so we can reserve a shirt for you.


Interested in travelling with your skates this summer?  Camp Skate IA is an annual camp offered to skaters and skate instructors. It is designed for the skater who is looking to improve certain skills and is interested in trying out a variety of types of skating: hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, tricks, games and more.

To learn more about the 2017 Camp Skate IA in Los Angeles, CA Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20th, please visit




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