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We’ve Got Olympic Fever – PyeongChang 2018

We hope that you are all health, happy and staying warm thus far in 2018.  We are excited for our 2018 skating season to begin at the end of March or beginning of April (depending on the weather) and your instructors are busy with obtaining permits, creating schedules and updating certifications.

Are you excited for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang?  The events start on February 8th with the opening ceremonies on February 9th.  All sports are exciting to watch, however, here is a handy guide from US Speedskating on how to watch the speed skating events:


We are especially excited to watch former inline skaters who are now Olympic Speedskaters such as Maame Biney, from Reston, VA (who started skating with DC-ICE here in Washington, DC),  Thomas Hong from Laurel, MD, and Shani Davis, Joey Mantia and Erin Jackson who have all participated in our annual Skate of the Union event (to benefit DC-ICE).  Please visit our Facebook pages to view photos and get updates on our favorite skaters as they compete in the Winter Olympics:

And while you have Olympic Fever, remember to mark your calendars for the 15th Annual Skate of the Union during the weekend of June 22 – 24, 2018!

We look forward to seeing you on skates soon!



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