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Autumn? Already?

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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of autumn. Let’s maximize our daylight hours by becoming better skaters. We have a lot scheduled for you (and stay tuned for more):


Now that autumn is upon us, here are some suggestions for skating in cooler temperatures and with less sunlight.

  1. Layer Up – With layers you can easily make adjustments to regulate your body temperature. Suggested layers are:
    • Tight Fitting Base Layer with moisture wicking materials
    • Extra Warmth for the Middle Layer such as spandex or a fleece
    • Protective Outer Layer such as a windproof jacket that can easily be removed
  2. Extra Gear – Now is the time to look for thin gloves that you can wear under your wrist guards and a headband or ear muffs that can fit under your helmet. Don’t forget to keep your feet warm with warmer socks.
  3. Be Visible – Make sure that you can be seen when skating in the real world. Wear a reflective vest or blinking lights. Here are some suggestions:


Drop in prices for our group lessons are $25. You can save money by pre-paying for multiple lessons. Learn more here:

Saturday, 9/26

  • Balance Group Lesson – This lessons is great for all levels of skaters as we help you to become more efficient using balance drills on and off skates.
  • Hill Management Group Lesson – What goes up, must come down. We can help you be more confident on those hills.

Saturday, 10/3

  • Trail Prep Group Lesson – In this lesson, we teach Stride 2 & T-Stop.


If you aren’t ready to join us for a group lesson or would prefer to progress at your own pace with individual attention, contact us for a private lesson with one of our certified instructors. If you pre-pay for 3, you get the 4th at 1/2 price!


Stay tuned for more information on the following lessons being planned for October:

  • Women on Wheels
  • Slalom Skating
  • Street/Trail Skating
  • and more Beginner Lessons


In addition to now having a Half Marathon distance available on October 24th, there is now also a virtual option. Skate your distance goal on the Indian Head Rail Trail and report your time during the week prior, and be included in the competition results! Learn more & register here:

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