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Beginner Group Lesson Session starts September 16th

It is a perfect day to skate! If you missed this Free Learn to Inline Skate Clinic, we have a Beginner Group Lesson…

Posted by Skater's Quest on Saturday, September 9, 2017


The next Skater’s Quest Beginner Group Lesson Session starts this Saturday!   When you mater the basics of inline skating, you build the necessary skills and confidence to use your inline skates for a great fitness regime.

The skills taught are:
– September 16: Beginner 1 (B1): Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
– September 21: Beginner 2 (B2): Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn
– September 30: Balance (BAL): Balance drills on and off skates
– October 7: Trail 1 (T1): Stride II, T-Stop

The cost is $25 per Group Lesson. Save some money and register for all 4 for $85.

Learn more and register at

What’s stopping you?

I'll help teach again at Skater's Quest this Saturday:

Posted by Andrew Barabasz on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Another great graphic from Andrew!

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