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Earth Day 2022 – Celebrate by Skating All Weekend

Earth Day 2022 is on Friday and there is no better way to “Invest in Our Planet” than to spend time being ecofriendly on skates. Why not invest in your skating as a source of green transportation? We can help with the following programs scheduled this weekend:

Saturday, April 23

Marathon Masters Program (MMP)
@ Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC – 9:00 AM
Be prepared to work with dryland strength and technique-building drills, on-skate drills and challenging aerobic sets.

Beginner 1 (B1) Group Lesson
@ Jones Point, Alexandria, VA – 10:00 AM
Learn how to MOVE, STOP & TURN with Stride 1, Heel Stop & A-Frame Turn.

Balance (BAL) Group Lesson
@ Jones Point Park, Alexandria, VA – 10:00 AM
Inline skating is balance in motion so we will provide drills on and off skates to improve your balance to help you MOVE, STOP & TURN.

Sunday, April 24

Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program Practice
@ Hains Point, Washington, DC – 9:00 AM
Train with a team to complete the Half Marathon at the 19th Annual Skate of the Union (June 17-19). Practices will be every Sunday for 7 weeks.
Register for one lesson at a time at our drop-in rate of $25 per program.

We also have packages and subscriptions that fit your availability and budget.

If you aren’t sure how to best save money, we can help!
Carla teaching the Ready Position

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