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Happy Easter (Virtual Classes are Coming)!

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Virtual Classes are Coming!

Happy Easter to you and yours from your team of certified instructors at Skater’s Quest! We certainly miss skating with you and hope that you are all healthy.

During these unprecedented times of physical distancing, we are adding Virtual Classes to help you improve your solo skating. Join us on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone this week for the following FREE classes:

  • Monday, 4/13 @ 5:45 PM EDT – Yoga for Skaters
    Stretching is so important for your physical and mental well-being. The goal of this Yoga for Skaters class is to help you improve your flexibility, potentially decrease injury by preparing your muscles for work, increase blood and nutrient supply to your muscles and calm your mind. This session will end with a short breathing practice that will focus on various techniques that will expand the breath capacity enabling better oxygenation before, during and after you skate.
  • Wednesday, 4/15 @ 5:45 PM EDT – Plyometrics for Skaters
    Plyometrics are ideal for people looking to improve muscular power, speed and strength. They also help facilitate weight loss and help tone and define your muscles. Low intensity options will be provided for skaters of all fitness levels.

These classes will be offered via Zoom and we recommend that you get setup in advance. Here are some additional resources for you:

– Joining a meeting on Zoom:

– Zoom Download Center to help you setup in advance:

Stay tuned for additional information on more virtual classes as well as the Skater’s Quest Spring Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program that will include a half marathon training plan to prepare for the 16th Annual Skate of the Union.

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