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FIT Program

The mission of the Skater’s Quest Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program is to equip inline skating enthusiasts with specific skills and exercises to meet their health and fitness goals whether it be to cross the finish line after participating in a skating event, lose weight, get in shape or simply improve inline skating skills.  The FIT Program has been developed for you to compete in the half marathon at the annual Skate of the Union in June or the Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon in October.

Training for the 2020 FIT Programs begin on the following dates:

  • Spring FIT: TBD
  • Fall FIT: Sunday, August 30, 2020


FIT Components

We focus on the following components to enable you to achieve your fitness goals:

  • ENDURANCE – These practices are designed to increase your endurance and achieve your mileage goals.
  • BALANCE – Inline skating is balance in motion so we will provide drills to improve your balance on and off skates.
  • POWER – These practices focus on developing your strength and speed through interval training and drills.
  • FLEXIBILITY – You will work on overall flexibility and breathing to improve your overall performance.

You can make a positive change in your life while

  • learning how to successfully train for a distance inline skating event,
  • losing weight and get in shape,
  • keeping motivated by training with others,
  • receiving mentoring by experienced inline racers,
  • following a customized inline training program,
  • learning how to skate in a paceline,
  • challenging yourself to skate more efficiently,
  • achieving your goal of skating 13.1 miles at the Skate of the Union Race with a registration discount,
  • achieving your goal of skating 26.2 miles at the Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon, and/or
  • joining the Skater’s Quest Skating Team with FREE membership for the remainder of the year!

Training Sessions
A training schedule is provided for you to follow.  The team meets throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area with weekly team practices.

Supersize your FIT Program with Arlington’s Coaching-Training & Injury Center (ARCTIC)!  You now have the option to add Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Personal Training to your FIT Program.  With Skater’s Quest and ARCTIC, we give you the tools to meet all of your health and fitness goals.  Here are details:

Basic FIT Program – $100

Service Price Description
FIT Program + Nutrition Services $280 To ensure that you are fueling properly while training and participating in a race, meet with  Lauren Trocchio, RD, LD, CSSD, ARCTIC’s board certified specialist in sports dietetics specializing in weight management and sports performance.   This package includes:
– 60-min initial meeting,
– 30-min follow-up meeting,
– 15-min phone check in race week, and
– email communication throughout the 8-week FIT Program.
FIT Program + Personal Training $510 ARCTIC’s Personal Training  is a customized approach to meeting your needs as an individual.  Each personal training session will combine strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and stretching using various pieces of equipment and types of exercises to keep it interesting.
This package includes:
– 60-min initial injury prevention assessment to identify your specific needs,
– Four 50-min personal training sessions, and
– 60-min follow-up injury prevention assessment.

Note that all ARCTIC services are provided at 1401 N Adams Street, Arlington, VA 22201.



Here are comments from Skater’s Quest FIT Graduates after successfully completing the FIT Program and even their first inline skating event:

“Basically, you took a 53-year old pudgy couch potato who had spent the previous five months at happy hours and in five months, took him from day-one on skates in a parking lot to the finish line of the Long Beach Marathon.”

“One of my New Year’s resolutions was to skate a marathon this year, and I’ve done it. I’ve been building up to it under the patient guidance of Krista and Skater’s Quest.”

“So, other than when I have spent money on my wife, the FIT program was the best money I have spent in a while.”

“In regards to the skaters around us in the open division, I sincerely feel like we had superior training. In fact, my most overpowering dominating thought from the race was that we had the best coach and the best training: period. Even now as I reflect back, I feel like we had a secret weapon or something. We have a huge advantage over the other skaters because of what the Skater’s Quest instructors teach us.”

“When I first learned to skate 2 years ago, I never thought that I would be skating in a marathon…This has been a great experience: completing my first marathon and more importantly, receiving support from fellow Skater’s Quest teammates. Thank you to the FIT Trainers and Mentors for training us well…My next training goal is to improve on my timing. I feel the need for speed.”

“I sincerely believe we had an advantage over a lot of other skaters due to our coaching, prep, and teamwork.”

“Our communication and preparation was awesome. There was more though. And it isn’t something I couldn’t necessarily put my finger on, but it was there. Unity. Confidence.”

“Knowing my teammate was right there…and because of the coaching, it really gave me an elevated sense of security and trust. I had so much more energy to focus on technique because I had the comfort of another Skater’s Quest teammate there with me.”

“It appears that this paceline stuff really works. There is no way that I could have made it along the beach at that rate if I had not been in a line for most of the way, not with that wind.”