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All lessons follow a proven set of skill progressions.


FREE Learn to Skate Clinic Basics of inline skating
Beginner 1 (B1) Stride I, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
Beginner 2 (B2) Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn
Beginner 3 (B3) Spin Stop, Linked Parallel Turns
Trail 1 (T1) Stride II, T-Stop
Trail 2 (T2) Trail Preparation (Fun review of B1, B2, B3 & T1)
Trail 3 (T3) Trail Skate (maximum distance 6 miles)
Trail 4 (T4) Endurance / Advanced Trail Skate (minimum distance 6 miles)
Advanced Forward 1 (AF1) Slalom Turn, Lunge Turn
Advanced Forward 2 (AF2) Forward Crossovers, Heel Stop II
Advanced Forward 3 (AF3) Stride III, Lunge Stop
Advanced Backward 1 (AB1) Backward – Swizzle, Movement, Stopping
Advanced Backward 2 (AB2) Transitions
Advanced Backward 3 (AB3) Backward – Turning, Powerslide
Advanced Backward 4 (AB4) Backward Crossovers
Balance (BAL) Balance Drills on and off Skates
Power (PWR) Increase the power of your skating.Ā Each lesson focuses on a different phase of the Forward Push.

The following are the Group Lessons offered during each 4-Week Session.

Beginner Series B1, B2, B3, BAL or B1, B2, BAL, T1
Beginner FIT Series B1, B2, BAL, T1
Beginner FIT Series Plus B1, B2, BAL, T1,T3
Trail Series T1, T2, T3, T4
Advanced Forward Series AF1, AF2, AF3, PWR
Advanced Backward Series AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4


We teach the following Sports/Skills Specific lessons throughout the season. Keep checking the calendar for scheduled lessons or contact us to set one up just for you!

Edgework Get to “know your edges” even further. Learn how to go though cones using the inverted swizzles both backward and forward as well as on one skate.
Hill Management Learn how to conquer hills while inline skating. This includes skills for both going up and down hills.
Kids Only This lesson is just for kids. Inline skating skills are taught and reinforced with fun games.
Reviews Review inline skating skills while learning how to use them in the real world before actually skating on the streets and trails. These are very interactive class in which the students choose the combination of skills in each sequence. These classes can be offered throughout the standard program schedule.
Skate Maintenance Learn how to maintain the physical mechanics and components of inline skating equipment.
Skate Upgrade Learn the skills necessary to transition from 4-wheeled skates to 5-wheeled skates or from 80mm wheels to 100mm wheels.
Street Skating Learn how to use inline skating skills on the streets. The group leader will take the class on various routes to have the students experience different terrain such as hills, railroad tracks, cracks, speed bumps, and curbs as well as how to share the streets and trails with other people and vehicles and how to skate in groups. This class stresses the importance of common sense, communication, and anticipation.
Strength Participate in an instructor-led strength training class with plyometric and off-skates inline skating specific exercises. Bring your fitness shoes, water bottle and exercise mat.
Trail Skating Making your skating more efficient so that you can achieve quality mileage. Also, learn how to skate in pacelines. Distances will vary according to ability levels.