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Marathon Masters Subscription Program

The Marathon Masters Subscription Program is for fitness or competitive skaters seeking to develop efficient long-distance / high-speed skating techniques, to maintain lifelong fitness through skating, and to workout with like-minded athletes. Program goals are tailored to the specific needs of program participants, from improving efficiency and fitness to preparing for an event or competition.

This subscription program includes the following weekly practices:


To take advantage of the cost savings of this subscription program, a minimum of a 3-month commitment is required.

  • Quarterly Subscription: $150
  • Annual Subscription: $540

If you are interested in registering for the Marathon Masters Subscription Program please contact us to get setup.

Marathon Masters Practices
Marathon Masters Practices are once per week, year-round, weather permitting. Each practice is 2-hours and includes dryland strength and technique-building drills, on-skate drills and challenging aerobic sets. Most practice venues vary in Montgomery County Maryland, however, once per month, we will be at East Potomac Park (Hains Point) in Washington, DC. If a practice is not yet on the calendar, it will be planned weekly based on the expected weather and participant schedules.

Requirements: Marathon Masters Practices are adult-oriented programs. Participation by motivated and mature youth skaters will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Helmets and wrist protection must be work by all participants. You should be able to stop proficiently.

You do not need to be an expert skater to participate, but participation will help you to become one!


  • Drop-in: $25 per practice
  • Packages: $85 for 4 practices
  • Subscription: Details about the Marathon Masters Subscription Program are above.

Plyometrics for Skaters
Plyometric exercises are designed to build muscular power. For skaters, we want to develop power by increasing the ability to execute strong movements that mimic the muscular pattern of skating. We are going to use these off-skates exercises to enable us to be more efficient skaters. Low intensity variations are always presented so these classes are for all levels.

Please access at prior to class to ensure that you can login without difficulty.

All classes will be recorded and shared with class participants to download for future access.

Suggested Equipment:

    • exercise shoes
    • water
    • towel
  • mat for stretching


    • Drop-in: $10 per practice
    • Packages: $45 for 5, $80 for 10, $130 for 20
  • Subscription: Details about the Marathon Masters Subscription Program are above.