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Let’s Skate!

In addition to the programs we offer year round such as Private Lessons, Virtual Plyometrics and our Marathon Masters Program (MMP), starting next week, have so much more available for all ability levels.

Lessons are being added to the calendar daily so please keep checking for updates.

We are so excited to see you on skates soon.

Here are suggestions on how to maximize your well-earned money and learn how to become an efficient skater at all levels:

Borrow Equipment: If you do not own your own equipment, we have it all for you to borrow at no additional cost at all of our programs! Take a test drive on Rollerblade brand inline skates and protective equipment before you make the equipment investment.

Take a FREE Clinic: Join us at our FREE Learn to Skate Clinics scheduled throughout the season. Our first one is on Saturday, April 2nd. Reserve your spot today:

Purchase a Subscription or Package: When you want to learn more after the FREE Learn to Skate Clinic, we have subscriptions and packages available to meet your budget and schedule. Here are some examples:

Subscriptions: If your schedule is flexible and/or you are planning to skate as much as you can, we recommend that you purchase a Quarterly Subscription where you have access to unlimited practices and lessons for only $50 per month (3 months minimum required to receive this discount).

Here are some examples when a Subscription is most cost effective is:
Example 1: If you know you are available on the weekends and plan to take at least 2 Group Lessons each month.

Example 2: If you’d like to train with teammates for a Rollerblade 10k or Half Marathon and plan to join the Fitness Inline Training (FIT) and/or Marathon Masters (MMP) Programs offered each weekend.

Your subscription is paid for by attending only 2 sessions each month! Learn more HERE.

Packages: If you know you are only available to take lessons on specific days throughout the summer, we recommend you purchase a package of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 Group Lessons to still save $! Register for the classes you’d like when it best fits your schedule. Learn more HERE.

Here are some examples:

Example 3: Purchase the Group – 4 Sessions Package and use your code to register for the following Group Lessons:

Example 4: Purchase the Group – 5 Sessions Package and use your code to register for the following Group Lessons and Practices:


Below are some session highlights for you (click on each to learn more and register):

April 2:

April 9:

April 16:

April 23

April 24

April 30

Let us know if you have any questions putting together the perfect lesson plan for your goals and ability levels.

If you haven’t taken a skating lesson, what’s stopping you?


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