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Beginner Session, Trail Session & Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program starting in May

Here is what’s happening at Skater’s Quest in May and we invite you to join the fun:

* Saturday, May 5: May Trail/Street Group Lesson Session starts

In this 3-Group Lesson Session we are getting you ready to skate more efficiently and on the trail in the following classes:

– May 5: Trail 1 (T1) – Stride II, T-Stop (in the lot)
– May 12: Trail 2 (T2) – Fun review and skill refinement from B1, B2, B3 & T1 Group Lessons (in the lot)
– May 19: Trail 3 (T3) – Trail Skate (on the trail)

* Sunday, May 6: Spring Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program starts
Skate with friends and learn specific skills and exercises to meet your health and fitness goals whether it be to cross the finish line after participating in a skating event (Skate of the Union), lose weight, get in shape or simply improve your inline skating skills. Weekly practices for this 7-week program are on Sundays from May 6th to June 17th at 9:00 AM at Hains Point in Washington, DC. Learn even more about the FIT Program here!

* Saturday, May 12: May Beginner Group Lesson Session starts
Learn the basics of inline skating with these lessons that will get you moving, stopping and turning in style:

– May 12: Beginner 1 (B1) – Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
– May 19: Beginner 2 (B2) – Forward Swizzle, Grass Stop, Parallel Turn
– May 26: Balance (BAL) – Balance drills on and off skates
– June 2: Trail 1 (T1) – Stride II, T-Stop

* Saturday, May 26: Kids Only! Group Lesson
This less is only for kids aged 5-12. No adults allowed! Inline skating skills are reinforced with fun games.

You always have the option of registering for one class at a time or for multiple classes at once for a discount. Check out our complete list of individual classes here.

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We always add lessons throughout the month. Stay tuned for updates.

We look forward to seeing you on skates soon!

Want to take your skating to the next level? Joins us for the Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program as we prepare for…

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