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Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon & Rollerblade 10k Challenge – October 20th

What are you doing October 20th?

On October 20th, we will be having the 3rd Annual Skater’s Quest Trail Marathon on the Indian Head Rail Trail in Maryland. To get ready, we will be starting our Fall Fitness Inline Training (FIT) Program on September 2nd. Training with your team is the best – and most fun – way to train for an event.

But wait, there is more! If you don’t think you are ready to train for and skate 26-miles, you are in luck. We have added a FREE Rollerblade® 10K Challenge!

Rollerblade® 10K Challenge - October 20th


On Saturday, August 18th, we will have the following Group Lessons from 10:00 to 11:00 AM at Jones Point Park in Alexandria, VA:

– Balance (BAL) – This lesson is great for all levels of skaters. Working on your balance on and off skates is vital for efficient skating.

– Advanced Forward 1 (AF1) – In this lesson, we teach the Slalom and Lunge Turns which are great skills to not only change direction but to also control your speed.

Group Lessons cost $25 each. Register for a Session (such as the Advanced Forward Session of 3 Group Lessons for $65) or purchase a package to receive discounts.


Want to spice up your core exercises? Do them before and after you skate with your skates on. Check out our Bladefitness students from last week working on their core:

BladeFitness Core Work

Visit to learn more and register for all of our programs. We look forward to seeing you on skates soon.

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