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Rain Day Maintenance Tip & Next Week’s Schedule

We hope you are staying dry today! Rain days are great opportunities to perform some skate maintenance if you own your own skates. When was the last time you rotated your wheels?

Here are some tips for you brought to you from Rollerblade:…

UPDATED 6/8/18: Here is what we have in store for skaters of all levels next Saturday, June 9th from 10:00am – 11:00am at Jones Point Park:

Trail 3 (T3) Group Lesson
Time for a field trip! During this Group Lesson, Carol will guide you on the trails and streets near Jones Point and teach you how to overcome common obstacles that you may encounter when you skate on your own. The distance is determined by the skill level of the students.

You can register for one lesson at a time for $25 or register for multiple lessons at once (Sessions) to receive a discount.

Beginner 1 (B1) Group Lesson moved to Saturday, June 16th!
Establish a solid skating foundation and master the basics in this lesson. We teach Stride 1, Heel Stop & A-Frame Turn.


We are finalizing our summer schedule. Please let us know what skills you’d like to learn and when it works best for your schedule by completing this short SURVEY.


Stay dry and we look forward to seeing you on skates soon!

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