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Here are some online resources to support your skating:

Do you need to purchase inline skates or gear?  Learn more about the Rollerblade product collection and find a local retailer near you.

More Information
To learn more about inline skating, please visit some of our favorite websites:
Inline Planet
Skate Log

Online Demonstrations

Monkey See
See How the Experts Do It on where Skater’s Quest Instructors demonstrate beginner inline skating skills.

Mobile Yoga
The Mobile Yoga Workout is designed to connect the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of an inline skating workout with the serenity and deep physical and mental relaxation that is inherent in a well-rounded yoga practice.

Join a Club
If you would like to try street skating with other local skaters, join the Washington Area Roadskaters.  There are weekly skates scheduled year round!  There is no better way to enjoy Washington, DC and the metro area than on your skates.  For more details, ask your instructor about it.