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Welcome to Fall!

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It’s officially fall and the weather is going to be great for skating this weekend. We have a Beginner Group Lesson Session starting on Saturday. This is the best way to build a solid skating skill foundation. Our lesson planning is flexible where you can take one Group Lesson at a time or you can purchase a package or session for a discount:

  • 1 Group Lesson – $25
  • 2 Group Lessons – $45
  • 3 Group Lessons – $65
  • 4 Group Lesson Package or Session – $85

Don’t forget that we have Rollerblade brand inline skates available to use for free during all of our programs!

Here is what we have scheduled this Saturday at Jones Point at 10:00 AM:

  • Beginner 1 (B1): Stride 1, Heel Stop, A-Frame Turn
  • Trail 3 (T3): Street and trail skate in Old Town Alexandria
  • Advanced Forward 2 (AF2): Forward Crossovers

If you haven’t taken an inline skating lesson, what’s stopping you?


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